The Network of Experts
A unique consulting opportunity for experienced professionals.
Share insights with professional investors

The Network of Experts
SM is a global organization of experienced professionals and subject matter experts. Members earn consulting fees for sharing their expertise with institutional investors. When changes are underway in industries, we call upon our Members to provide insights and perspectives.

As a Member, you set your own consulting rate. You will be heard on issues that matter, and you will have opportunities to network and broaden your experience. There are no fees to join or to participate.

The program is simple, professional and accommodating. We are looking for diverse experience and expertise across many industries.

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Please note: Members are never expected or permitted to discuss anything with which they have a conflict of interest.


  • Earn consulting fees
  • Be heard on issues that matter in your industry
  • Network
  • Interact with
    investors and corporate decision makers
  • Simple online application
  • Multiple ways to participate

“This is such a simple, un-intrusive, and rewarding way to shape decisions in my industry...As someone with 20 years of rich experience in diverse industries, I’m thrilled to put my knowledge to work...I highly recommend it.”

-- Peter Benda, Fortune 200 Executive